Jail History


Orange County Jail is Orange County's main jail facility. It opened in January 1988. It is located near the I-5 and 55 freeways in Santa Ana and primarily houses pre-sentenced inmates.


The jail is one of the largest county jails in California. It processes approximately 66,000 arrestees yearly.


Orange County Jail has over 600 employees on staff in various fields. This including maintenance crews, medical professionals, culinary staff, and a variety of support positions.

There are health professionals are on duty 24/7 and the jail provides a full range of services including daily physician sick calls, psychiatric care, medical treatments including dialysis, radiology services, dental care and medication administration. The IRC serves as a main point for transportation of CJX inmates to court and in-custody transfers to other law enforcement and correctional agencies to include state prison. The IRC contains five maximum security housing modules holding male and female inmates. Inmates receive three meals a day, public and official visits, commissary, religious services, outdoor recreation, and dayroom activities.The facility even offers G.E.D. certificate programs